Every time you check in, there is something new:

Our goal is very ambitious. We want to give our guests the best of times and want them to take back memories of a lifetime. But even more than that we want them to come back to us again in a short time and when they do we want to give them a totally different experience. Each time they make it to any of our properties; we want that they have the best what is available and even the most unseen and most unheard of experiences. We want them to have it here and while with us! We have 1000 slot machines with games that cater to all age groups and classes. The casino floor of a sprawling 100,000 square feet will let you have the best time of your life without feeling lost even for a moment.

We are continually updating ourselves:

We are updating our games and over hauling our services from time to time. We conduct random surveys and ask for opinions from our guests as to the things that they enjoy while they stay with us. Based on the feedback that we collect and also continuous research and development by a dedicated team of members on our premises we strive to give a unique experience to our guests each time that they check in.

Join us for getting unimaginable perks:

For our guests we simultaneously run several loyalty programs and give away thank you hampers worth thousands of dollars. Loyalty programs include perks at the tables and free dining passes at the world most celebrated restaurants and the bumper prize includes a fully paid trip for a couple for three days and nights. So when you are checking in at any of our properties for a stay or for a couple of deals, make sure to sign up for the club details and we will be delighted to get back to you with offers that will be too good for you to resist!